Sunlight Laundry Liquid Original Fresh - 6 Packs, 1.84L Each

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High Efficiency Laundry Detergent with a great formula and fresh scent to leave clothes cleaner, fresher, whiter and brighter. Get ready to transform laundry day with laundry detergent that will leave clothes not only cleaner, but smelling amazing. This concentrated laundry detergent has cleaning power in every drop, making stain removal a breeze and with a high efficiency formula, it gives the same great clean but using less water and energy. With improved brightening power, it’s ideal for those tough stains or odours on clothes, just apply, rub into the fabric and let sit for 5 minutes. It’s an easy-to-use laundry soap as it’s compatible with standard and high efficiency washing machines and works as a detergent in any temperature, cold water or warm or hot water. The Morning Fresh scent combines notes of citrus, flowers and forest evergreens to give clothes a dose of freshness after every wash. SUNLIGHT: THE GREASE STAIN FIGHTER. Key Benefits: Great Cleaning power Concentrated formula Brightens and freshens clothes Great stain and odour remover Compatible with all washing machines Works in all water temperatures Fresh scent with hints of citrus, flowers and evergreens How to Use: For regular loads, fill the lid of the container to just above Line 1. For large loads, fill the lid of the container to just above Line 2. For tough stains, pre-treat clothes by applying some liquid detergent directly to the stains and rub into the fabric. Let the formula sit on stains for 5 minutes before washing.

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