Knorr Hunter Classic Roast Gravy Mix (24 X32G)

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Knorr Hunter Classic Roast Gravy Mix - 24 Packs X 32G each
  • Knorr Hunter Classic Roast Gravy Mix (32 g) is a traditional gravy that's perfect for serving with veal, beef, lamb or game, and over mashed potatoes
  • Our hearty, easy-to-make gravy sauces come in a variety of delicious flavours that add warmth to any meal
  • This gravy mix recipe makes 1 1/4 cups (300 ml) of Knorr gravy
  • This hunter gravy powder mix recipe cooks in just 9 minutes, making it a simple and quick solution to add a tasty sauce to any meal you want
  • Our hunter gravy sauce is a rich, dark mushroom gravy seasoned with herbs and wine, great for pairing with veal, beef, chicken or lamb
  • Knorr gravies are perfect for easy recipes, as are other options by Knorr such as their pasta sauces or quick and simple soups

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